Inspirational Islamic quotes

Some islamic quotes and thoughts will be uploaded here-

Read Quran and hadith to get closer to Allah.

“When you are going to make any decision then you are supposed to use wisdom and make decision by taking care of Quran and Sunnah, but while using wisdom.”

Islam is a religion of peace and love.
Proclaim and preach Islam, Islam is truth, Islam provides peace and justice, Islam teaches us way of life.
islamic quotes on positive thinking
Negativity is toxic, get rid off from it.
islamic quotes on hidayah by Paul
Indeed, No one gives us hidayah but Allah. If Allah blesses you with the hidayah then no one can misguide you and If Allah misguides you then no one can guide you.
islam is the future for mankind quote
Islam is the future for the mankind.
Islamic quote by Sanjay
Indeed, there is no racism in Islam.

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