Islamic Ethics

Ethics has a great place in Islam. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) was sent to the people in this world from Allah as a role model.

Allah says in Quran(interpretation of the meaning) :

“And you are truly ˹a man˺ of outstanding character.” – [Quran 68:4]

A good Muslim should have a good behavior towards Allah. Allah has said in Quran that Obey Allah and Obey the messenger. Means A Muslim should spend his/her life according to Quran and Sunnah. Quran is having words of Allah and Sunnah is what Prophet Muhmmad (Peace Be Upon Him) said and what He did.

A Muslim should behave with good manner with parents. A Muslim should never break the relationship and maintain kinship.

A Muslim should behave properly with neighbors, You should never become a trouble maker for neighbors but should try to become helper and healer for neighbors. Even if you are travelling in train or bus then there also you should behave with good manners who are sitting near you.

A Muslim should behave good with his wife and children. A father should try to make his children righteous and good person.

A Muslim should greet other Muslims with the greeting of As-salamu alaykum and help them at the time of need. Know that muslim ummah is just like one body, if any part of the body pains then whole part of the body should feel the pain.

A Muslim should behave with good manner with the whole society regardless of their faith.

With your behavior show the world that Muslims are good people.

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